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File:Day 10 Team School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 11 Suggestions School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 12 Found School of Secrets Disney Descendants
File:Day 13 Sub-Text School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 14 Fight School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 15 Pranks School of Secrets Disney Descendants
File:Day 16 Hearts School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 17 Broken School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 18 Tea Time School of Secrets Disney Descendants
File:Day 19 Debate School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 1 Welcome School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 20 Committee School of Secrets Disney Descendants
File:Day 21 Comments School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 22 Headlines School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 23 Secrets School of Secrets Disney Descendants
File:Day 2 Attention School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 3 Decree School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 4 Talk School of Secrets Disney Descendants
File:Day 5 Trip School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 6 Phone School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 7 Study School of Secrets Disney Descendants
File:Day 8 Quiz School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Day 9 Play School of Secrets Disney DescendantsFile:Desc 03179.jpg
File:Descendant Wicked World Eps. 2 - 18.pngFile:Descendants-108.pngFile:Descendants-179.jpg
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File:Descendants - Believe.pngFile:Descendants - Evil Like Me.pngFile:Descendants - Freddie.jpg
File:Descendants - Good Is The New Bad dance.pngFile:Descendants - If Only.pngFile:Descendants - Jordan.jpg
File:Descendants - Set It Off.pngFile:Descendants Cast - Be Our Guest (From "Descendants")File:Descendants Cast - Good is the New Bad (Lyrics Video)
File:Descendants Cast - Rotten to the Core (From "Descendants")File:Descendants Cast - Set it Off (From "Descendants")File:Descendants DE.png
File:Descendants Junior Novel.jpgFile:Descendants Logo.pngFile:Descendants Maleficent 1.png
File:Descendants Secrets of Auradon Prep Cover.jpgFile:Descendants Soundtrack.jpgFile:Descendants Toy Fair 01.JPG
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File:Disney Channel logo.pngFile:Disney Descendants Yearbook.jpgFile:Doug promo.jpg
File:Dove-Cameron-2.jpgFile:Dove Cameron - If Only (From "Descendants")File:Dove Cameron Spills Disney Descendants’ Costume Secrets
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File:Episode 10 Spirit Day Descendants Wicked WorldFile:Episode 11 I'm Your Girl Descendants Wicked WorldFile:Episode 12 Mash It Up Descendants Wicked World
File:Episode 1 Evie’s Explosion of Taste Descendants Wicked WorldFile:Episode 2 Mal's Digi-Image Problem Descendants Wicked WorldFile:Episode 3 Audrey's New Do? New Don't! Descendants Wicked World
File:Episode 4 Careful What You Wish For Descendants Wicked WorldFile:Episode 5 Voodoo? You do. Descendants Wicked WorldFile:Episode 6 Lamp Sweet Lamp Descendants Wicked World
File:Episode 7 Genie Chic Descendants Wicked WorldFile:Episode 8 Puffed Deliciousness Descendants Wicked WorldFile:Episode 9 Good is the New Bad Descendants Wicked World
File:Evie's-Explosion-of-Taste-11.jpgFile:Evie.jpgFile:Evie promo.jpg
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File:Flag of Australia.svg.pngFile:Flag of Canada.pngFile:Flag of England.svg.png
File:Flag of the United States.pngFile:Genie-Chic-25.pngFile:Good Is the New Bad - Descendants (Lyric Video)
File:Isle of the Lost Rush Thumbnail.jpegFile:Jane promo.jpgFile:Jay promo.jpg
File:Jay royal.jpegFile:Jennifer.jpgFile:Kristin Chenoweth, Dove Cameron - Evil Like Me (From "Descendants")
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File:Mitchell Hope - Did I Mention (From "Descendants")File:Night Is Young - China Anne McClain - Descendants SoundtrackFile:Noimage.png
File:Open-uri20150608-27674-f8gv1x 4354c0bb.jpegFile:Puffed-Deliciousness-13.jpgFile:Puffed-Deliciousness-9.jpg
File:QLWLtrjX.jpgFile:Rotten-to-the-Core.pngFile:Sarah Jeffery.jpg
File:Screenshot (1143).pngFile:Shawn Mendes - Believe (From "Descendants") (Audio)File:Sophia-carson-descendants-disney-channel.jpg
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